Up From The Ashes


Five Star Phoenix Alliances is the name for our launch of B2B Moonlighting. It is a marketing two-fer that strengthens businesses and nonprofits and will help revitalize the entire Philadelphia community --- From the grassroots, up.

B2B Moonlighting will provide a convenient way to "buy locally", increase employment security and help relieve compassion fatigue.

We created B2B Moonlighting for a cash-strapped world. It is a way to channel funding to worthwhile community projects through Five Star Pixie. Together, these services will be an on-going series of fundraising events that generate negotiable, inkind donations from companies that profit financially and from the goodwill that is created by B2B Moonlighting's various community services.

It starts with the gift certificates of local companies. Those certificates are a form of in-house currency that a business uses to conveniently and profitably presell its products and services. But they aren't valid for purchases from other businesses.

So we created a “currency” exchange service through which a company may swap its certificates for the “currency” of another business. B2B Moonlighting is barter, but, because it deals in gift certificates, it is commerce that's protected by more consumer protection statutes than traditional inkind exchanges and donations.

We will be charging the businesses a 6% marketing commission, half of which they pledge to a nonprofit agency of their choice. (There is no fee involved in any transactions with non profit agencies).

Those pledges will create a continuous stream of negotiable, inkind donations to their chosen 501 (c)(3) agency. Every sale in the B2B Moonlighting network is also a fundraising event for a local agency.

Our B2B associates may also make donations, many of which we will match, to any participating, non profit agency.

We will establish special accounts for the agencies through which they may expand the reach of those donations with product or service purchases from any business that participates in B2B Moonlighting's services. We also offer provisional accounts for businesses that want to donate to an agency, but do not wish to participate in our other B2B services.

A B2B Moonlighting account will present new markets to companies and help them enhance their cash flow. One feature, “Strategic Deposits”, even allows our associates to anticipate and benefit from future sales.

Our Beta Test is about to begin, featuring substantial bonuses to both businesses and nonprofits. Our system is entirely cash-free and we are inviting participation by any ethical business or 501(c)(3) agency. We hope to recruit an assortment of businesses and nonprofits that nearly mirrors the broader economy.

Please visit our “Beta Bonuses” page (https://FiveStarPixie.com/Home/BetaBonuses.html) and then review our sites to see if we can be of service to your company or your agency.

UrbanFairTrade.com, TheGreenLyne.com and StrawDawgz.com complement the services of FiveStarPixie.com and B2Bmoonlighting.com